Oregon’s Residential Energy Tax Credit Sunsets 12/31/17

The Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC) program is scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2017. This program has offered Oregonians up to $6,000 as a credit taken over four years, depending on the solar capacity of your solar system. See RETC Rate Chart for more information: http://bit.ly/2ySxRBo

To qualify for a tax credit:
– Contract must be signed with initial deposit down by 12/31/17;
– Devices must be installed by 4/1/18; and
– ODOE must receive your application no later than 6/1/18. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2AXzyi2

Sign up today to receive a solar bid from an Energy Trust of Oregon Solar Trade Ally contractor: https://www.energytrust.org/solar-request-analysis-bid/