Other Solar and Energy Resources

There are many other organizations and programs that provides various types of resources for educators. Below are some of our favorites.

US Department of Energy
Lesson plans
Science projects

California Energy Commission’s Energy Quest
Forms of renewable energy
Science projects

Charles Edison Fund
Easy to perform experiments for elementary
Energy conservation
Energy for the future

National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
Research projects for renewable energy
Energy efficiencyTeacher’s activity guide

Wisconsin’s K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP)
Web based Teacher Resources

Renewable Northwest Project
Specific Information on NW Renewable Energy projects

The Florida Solar Energy Center
Curriculum for K-12
Web links
Green building design

Alliant Energy
General energy education
Activities & games

National Energy Education Development Project (NEED)
Lots of curricula, some of which meet Oregon Benchmarks
Teacher training events

Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Interactive power generation map

Oil Poster
A tool for examining the geologic realities and social ramifications of oil

Project Learning Tree
Kit with energy education materials
Activity guide

Kids Foot Print
Kid-friendly carbon footprint quiz
Teacher lesson plans

Oregon Green Schools
A nonprofit thatĀ helps schools conduct waste audits, provide guidance and training for new programs and recommend curriculum resources and grant opportunities

BBC Climate Challenge
Climate challenge game

Climate Challenge Kids
Climate games and information

NOVA Capturing Carbon
Explains carbon capture to young adults

Breathing Earth
CO2 emissions, birth & death rates by country, simulated real-time

Earth Buddies
Test your knowledge of global warming, the three R’s, water conservation and more

NOVA Climate Change Video
Video about the clues that Greenland ice reveals about climate change