Solar for Communities

You don’t have to go solar alone. Actually, you can even go solar without installing a system on your roof or property. Solarize projects and community solar are two ways that neighbors and communities are coming together to install solar.

Solarize Projects

Solar Communities

Solarize campaigns are a grassroots effort to help homeowners overcome the financial and logistical hurdles of installing solar power.  As a bulk purchase program, customers can save as much as 25% of the total cost of installation.  Interested neighbors join forces to find a contractor, purchase and install solar systems to help customers realize cost savings through group purchasing. Solarize campaigns allow solar advocates to convert “interest” into “action” to break through market barriers and permanently transform the market for solar installations in their communities.

Community or Shared Solar

Solar Communities

Shared renewable energy projects allow a group of people invest in a community project and share in the benefits of a local renewable energy project. When energy is supplied strictly from solar energy, it is sometimes called “community solar” or “share solar.” The shared renewables project pools investments from multiple members of a community and provides energy and financial benefits in return.