Why Go Solar

Solar energy offers many benefits to homeowners. By moving to solar from fossil fuels to solar, you are able to help reduce carbon emissions, promote local control of our energy consumption, and reduce the need for electric power distribution. Based on your unique power requirements, you and other homeowners can decide how big of a system to install and generate electricity right where you use it.

Benefits of Solar

Solar Energy Benefits
Solar energy provides significants benefits to homeowners in terms of providing personal control over your energy use. But the benefits don’t stop there. In the global view, the yearly reduction in carbon from generating electricity from an average 4 kW solar system is equivalent to the amount of carbon absorbed by half an acre of trees. Multiplied throughout a neighborhood, it’s easy to see that the ecological gains become significant.

Solar in Action

Solar Ambassadors areĀ people who have installed solar PV and solar water heating throughout Oregon, including urban, suburban and rural areas, both on-grid and off-grid applications from small jobs such as a yurt to mega-mansions.

Solar Across Oregon and the Globe

Solar energy is not an entirely new concept, but it continues to emerge as a leading alternative to fossil fuels. And while Oregon is not known as one of our country’s sunniest spots, it does get more sunshine than Germany, which is the world leader is solar energy generation.